The scheme was introduced on the 31st of July 2014. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that communication providers accurately charge consumers for the services the use. Ofcom’s position is that consumers cannot reasonably be expected to verify the accuracy of all charges made and that this responsibility should lie with the communications provider.​

Ofcom have made various changes to the direction over the years . All changes made by Ofcom by way of notification under section 49 a of the Communications Act 2003. ​

In 2017, to reflect the changes in the communications market and with experience operating the Direction, Ofcom reviewed the Direction. As a result of the review Ofcom included data as part of the Direction Annex-15-Revised-Metering-and-Billing-Direction.pdf ( A new Direction was issued which is now the current standard as the Ofcom Metering and Billing Direction 2017. ​

In December 2021 minor changes were made to the direction as part of the introduction of the European Electronic Communications Code EECC. The changes made gave clarity and consistency with the general conditions. Statement: Implementing the new European Electronic Communications Code (

Does the scheme apply to me? 
If you are a provider of Voice Communication Services and/or Internet Access Services, with an annual turnover of £55 million or more, then it is mandatory for you to comply with the Metering and Billing Direction.