The MSD demonstrates how a CP identifies risk, measures and reports on performance metrics. Emphasis should be on demonstrating the process-based controls related to each internal and sub-contracted function within the TMBS.

A CP needs to define and document measures of routine performance of the TMBS (measured performance will change over time and should support improvements in understanding and control as the TMBS develops). Routine performance is usually expressed in terms of the three measures within the Direction:

  • Usage – a phone call, accessing voicemail, etc.
  • Non-usage recurring – line rental, talk plan charges
  • Non-usage non-recurring – installation, early termination fees

Errors can originate because of human or equipment causes and from base stations, switches, data concentrators, mediation, suspense, rating, billing, published tariff information, tariff changes, timing issues, billing, account decrements, bundles, talk plans, installation charges and can be identified by Internal Audit and via Customer Complaints/Billing Adjustments etc.

Provide your AB with a copy for comment and feedback. You need AB approval of MSD

The MSD should be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary based on performance analysis and on-going risk assessment