1. Do we need to speak to Ofcom to let them know we are applying for approval against the Ofcom Metering & Billing Direction?
    • Answer-No, your approval body will notify Ofcom on your behalf
  2. Once we have applied for approval at what point, do we have to start reporting incidents
    • Answer-Once your application has been submitted and accepted
  3. If we haven’t agreed measure’s yet, how do we know what an EPF threshold is?
    • Answer-if measures and thresholds have not yet been agreed please discuss with your AB
  4. What happens if during the approval measurement period, we have a spike in performance, above agreed threshold, do we have to start the measurement period again, i.e., re start the clock?
    • Answer-No not necessarily, remember the period is a rolling 12 months. Each case would be reviewed individually by your AB (Approval Body).
  5. Is there a template for the documents we need, e.g., HLD, MSD, Appraisals?
  6. How do I notify you of a reportable incident?
    • Answer-each AB will have its own reporting process so please speak to your AB for guidance
  7. Do I need to report ALL billing incidents?
    • Answer-it is better to report an incident and withdraw the notification if it isn’t required than to fail to report something that is later identified as reportable but please discuss with your AB
  8. Do we fail if we overcharge customers?
    • Answer-Not necessarily. Over charging requires monitoring and process controls within performance parameters agreed with the approval body. Impacted customers need to be credited or refunded, Click here for guidance
  9. Where can I get a copy of the form for reporting incidents
    • Answer-each AB will have its own reporting process so please speak to your AB for guidance
  10. Is it all changes that we have to notify you of, e.g. transformation programmes, merges/acquisitions, resource changes, website changes, annual price changes?
    • Answer-No. You will need to discuss this with your Approval Body, they will work with you to determine what changes have the potential to increase risk or could impact your TMBS.
  11. Is there a form specifically for changes? where can I get a copy
    • Answer-speak to your specific AB for the notification forms used
  12. Where can I find the “guidelines for the structure of a good TMBS” document
  13. Do we have to have a specific M&BD risk register/log
    • Answer-Yes please refer to clause 4.3 Risk Management of the OM&BD
  14. What happens after approval?
  15. What if I (OBAPM) leave the business
    • Answer-Your Company is required to notify your AB and appoint a new OBAPM please refer to clause 5.1 paragraph 3 of the OM&BD
  16. What does the MABABF do?
    • Answer– it is the Metering and Billing Approval Bodies Forum, find out more here
  17. If a revenue for a line of business with its own approval falls below the £55M threshold can we withdraw the approval.
    • Answer– There is not a specified withdrawal threshold and this should be discussed with your approval body and Ofcom on a case by case basis