The Direction requires two mandatory documents, the High Level Description (HLD) and the Measurement Strategy Document. Both documents have to be accepted by your Approval Body.

From the draft HLD (and diagram) identify which functional elements (system or process) make up the TMBS

  • Create a list of relevant processes and functional elements
  • Any functions not already documented should be documented
  • Create a suitable process template or reference existing process information where relevant
  • Have your AB comment on the above

Submit initial documented processes for review by your AB before doing extensive work on others

Your AB will advise on whether the content and level of detail is right

Complete other documentation

  • A document provides a description of the operation of a system or process for example: Mediation or Complaint Handling.
  • It should describe the interfaces with other processes, 3rd parties, the controls, strengths, weaknesses and risks

If your organisation already has ISO9001 or similar you may already have control or process documents, these may address some of the requirements for compliance with the Direction – discuss with your AB.